Y5W, Y5C, Y10W, Y10C Series Surge Protector 90KV 96KV 108KV 120KV Porcelain Housing Metal Oxide Surge Arrester

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Y5W, Y5C, Y10W, Y10C Series Surge Protector 90KV 96KV 108KV 120KV Porcelain Housing Metal Oxide Surge Arrester
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Model Number: 90KV 96KV
Material:: Porcelain+ Metal Oxide
Application:: Over-Voltage Protection
Rated Voltage:: 90KV 96KV 108KV 120KV
Standard:: IEC6099-4
Rated frequency:: 50/60 Hz
Altitude(m):: 2000m
Structure:: Self-Standing
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Model Number: 90KV 96KV
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Packaging Details: Carton
Supply Ability: 20000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Descrição de produto
Y5W,Y5C,Y10W,Y10C 90KV 96KV 108KV 120KV Series Porcelain Housing Metal-oxide Surge Arrester 90KV 96KV Metal-oxide Surge Arrester Surge Arrester Lightning protection 60798302801

Product Description

Table 8-Main Technical Parameter of  Metal-oxide Surge Arrester

(Nominal Discharge Current:10kA)

Protection of  medium/ high voltage AC networks against both, multiple atmospheric and switching  overvoltages  as well  as Very  Fast Transients (VFT). Suitable  for  the  protection  of  transformers,  transformers  in  arc furnace  applications,  cables,generators,parallel to capacitor banks,and railway vehicles.Can be used mechanically as support insulator or as suspension insulator in case  of  application as line arrester. For indoor and outdoor installation.
The metal-oxide surge arrester (MOSA) is the most advanced overvoltage protector in the word.Due to make the varistor  of  core com-ponent mainly adopt MOSA. Compared with the conventional silicone  carbide  arrester, this  prescription of  the product improves greatly the Voltage-Current(U-I)characteristic of the metal-oxide varistor and increased through-current capability at  over- voltage so as to bring a radical-changes for the characteristic of the MOSA.
Under the circumstance of normal operating voltage, the current through the MOSA  just  on  microampere degree. When suffered from overvoltage,the MOSA's excellent non-linear characteristic will make the current through the  MOSA  increase  to several thousand ampere,While the MOSA will be under the circulating state and release overvoltage energy so as to protecting the power transmission  equipments against the damage caused by the overvoltage.

Usual service condition

a) Ambient air temperature within the range of -55℃ to +50℃.

b) Altitude not exceeding 2000m.

c) Frequency of the A.C. Power supply not less than 48Hz and not exceeding 62Hz.

d) Power frequency voltage applied continuously between the terminals of the arrester not exceeding its continuous operating voltage.

e) Maximum wind speed not exceeding 35m/s.

f) Earthquake intensity not exceeding 7 degrees.

Advantage(XIYA MOSA)

-Low residual voltage

-Long protection distance

-High energy input capacity

-Stable U-I characteristic even after multiple strokes

-Proof against ageing

-Explosion and shatter-resistant design

-Pollution resistant and UV-stable

-Housing resistant to rough handling

-Maintenance free

-Stable against shock and vibration

-High mechanical resistance

Technical Performance

The technical performance of metal-oxide surge arrester is accord with IEC60099-4, IEEE(ANSI)C62.11 and Gb11032.

Configuration and Anatomy Design of Polymer Housing Metal-oxide Surge Arrester

Metal-oxide Varistor


Metal-oxide varistor(MOV) are the core component of an arrester,which are  sintering mainly of ZnO powder  with  addition of Bi2O3, Co2O3,Cr2O3,Sb2O3 and other insition.

As one of the biggest exportor of MOV, XIYA company is a professional manufacturer of MOV of metal-oxide surge arrester.

Adopting  the  Japanese  HITACHI  protective  technology, we  can  produce 700  tons  ZnO  powder ( more  than 5 million pieses of D3524MOV)by our full automatic production lines.XIYA company has single passed the KEMA certificate for 27 types metal-oxide surge arrester with our own MOV.

Typical  Voltage-current(U-I) Characteristic  Curve  of  Metal-oxide  Varistor

Indication  on  The  Surface  of  Metal-oxide  Varistor

Description  of  Type  Designation  of  Metal-oxide  Varistor

I-Main Technocal Parameter of Metal-oxide Varistor

Protective Technology Flow Chart of  Metal-oxide Varistor


Protective Technology Flow Chart of Polymer Housing Metal-oxide Surge Arrester

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