cheap price 3-40.5kV lightning arrester arester-surge low voltage

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cheap price 3-40.5kV lightning arrester arester-surge low voltage
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Model Number: HY5W/HY10W, Lighting Arresters
Arrester Type: HY5W/HY10W
Applicable Design and Test Standard: IEC 60099-4
Nominal Discharge Current: 5kA/10kA
Power System Frequency: 50-60Hz
System Application Voltages: 3-40.5kV
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Model Number: HY5W/HY10W, Lighting Arresters
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Packaging Details: Cartons and Pallets
Supply Ability: 1000 Piece/Pieces per Week
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Cheap Price lightning arester-surge arrester low voltage

Product Description

XIKAI High Voltage Polymer-housed Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters
XIKAI recognizes the advantages of polymer-housed arresters with reduced size and weight and enhanced safty in this generation of polymer-housed Metal-Oxide Surge Arresters.
The polymer-housed surge arrester incorporates the industry recognized

superior polymeric material – silicone rubber.
Using Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) having excellent electrical properties, these arresters provide superior overvoltage protection for MV distribution systems. Manufacturing our own MOV disks allows strict quality control over the manufacturing process from start to finish.
After production, every MOV disk must pass a series of electrical tests designed to ensure the highest individual disk quality. These MOV disks have proven their reliability and protective abilities through years of in-service use.
Polymer-housed Metal-Oxide surge arresters are available in 5 kA and 10 kA Class 1 IEC 60099-4 designs.

The MOV disks are combined with aluminum end electrodes and are encapsulated in a high strength composite wrap insulating material on our fully automated assembly line using strict quality control processes that eliminate manufacturing variances. The composite collar is cured to the MOV disk stack to form a solid insulation MOV disk module system that is inserted and bonded to the industry leading track resistant silicone rubber housing. This exclusive patented manufacturing process forms a secondary moisture seal under the primary silicone rubber housing seal, which makes the arrester impervious to moisture and capable of withstanding extreme electrical, environmental and cantilever load conditions. The composite wrapped polymer-housed Metal-Oxide surge arrester design represents a quantum leap in polymer arrester technology.

Features and detailed description

Cutaway illustration of and polymer-housed Metal-Oxide Surge Arrester

Arrester Type



System Application Voltages



Rated Arrester Voltages, Ur



Power System Frequency



Applicable Design and Test Standard

IEC 60099-4

IEC 60099-4

Nominal Discharge Current



Line Discharge Class



High Current Withstand



Pressure Relief Class

20 kA (rms Sym.)

20 kA (rms Sym.)

Maximum Energy, 2000 μs Square Wave (Repeatable 1min)

1.83 kJ/kV Uc

2.85 kJ/kV Uc

High Current, Short Duration Energy Handling

(63kA) 3.17 kJ/kV Uc

(100 kA) 3.9kJ/kV Uc

XIKAI Electric Co.,Ltd produces surge arresters for all applications.

Surge Arresters for medium voltage systems
Our Metal-oxide Surge Arresters for use in metal-encapsulated switchgear as well as for use in distribution networks for the protection of overhead lines, cables, stations, transformers, generators, capacitors and for the protection of motors and components of power electronics and secondary equipment.
The surge arresters limit harmful overvoltages, which are generated in the network by lightning strikes or switching actions thus improving the availability of the power supply. The surge arresters fullfill special high requirements regarding ambient conditions, energy handling capability, protection level and stability in service.

Surge arresters for AC traction systems
XIKAI Electric is a specialist for metal-oxide surge arresters for AC traction systems, intended for fixed installations and for installation on rolling stock.
These arresters fulfill the especially high electrical and mechanical requirements for use in traction systems.
Their usage increases the availability of the power supply and of the rail service.

Surge Arresters for DC traction systems
The metal-oxide surge arresters produced by XIKAI Electric Co., Ltd for DC traction systems are developed and type tested according to the new European standard EN 50526-1 which is specifically for metal-oxide surge arrester in railway application up to 3kV nominal voltage. The surge arresters also meet the requirements for A1/A2 functionality according to VDV 525 recommendation.
The rails of DC traction systems are isolated from earth to avoid stray currents in the ground. Voltage limiting devices are being used to avoid unacceptable touch voltages during operation and in fault conditions.
The voltage limiting device is a hybrid composed by a metal-oxide surge arrester connected in parallel with thyristors. Dangerous transient over-voltages from lightning and switching are limited by the surge arrester. Longer lasting over-voltages from the traction system are limited by the thyristors after triggering.

Surge arresters for SF6 gas-insulated high-voltage switchgear
XIKAI Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of surge arresters in SF6 gas-insulated design for mounting on all commercial GIS switchgear.
Monitoring devices are available to control the status of the surge arresters in AC systems. They count and classify surge events and measure the leakage current of the surge arrester.

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